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EduWW Business Academy – Accredited Online Degree & Qualifications in Business, Management, Computing & IT. Achieve qualification, after each 1-year part-time study program. Learn at your own level, pace, and time. Whenever and wherever you feel comfortable.

and welcome to the Online Business Academy. We were planning on starting this introduction with a motivational quote about business, because everyone likes strong motivational quotes. But, we changed our mind because business is so much more than just motivation. Let’s go beyond because business requires constant action, learning, adapting, and changing. We believe that developing a business mindset is a powerful skill set that an individual can possess in the fast-changing times that we live in. That can be done through proper education, continuous learning and experience that can lead you to success. We are here not only to motivate you but also to help you acquire the required knowledge to achieve your goals.

Enroll in Online Bachelor’s in Business and Get a Full Scholarship for the Master’s

Online Business Academy gives a full scholarship for Master’s studies to students who enroll in an online Bachelor’s in Business Management study program. Through this high-quality curriculum from renowned UK universities, you’ll get the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills necessary to thrive in the business world. Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s programs last five years, and during that time, you’ll make progress from a business enthusiast to a young leader. Additionally, online education gives you the freedom to organize studies according to your own needs. Therefore, you can work while studying and gain hands-on experience, too

Online Business Academy Live Q&A on Facebook
Education World Wide
February 26, 2021

Online Business Academy Q&A Live on Facebook – Join Us

March 11th at 7 PM CET - join us. This is your opportunity to ask any questions about online studying.

Ana Badhofer - Educational Consultant
February 4, 2021

What Are the Benefits of Studying Online?

Studying online may be a better option than on campus, student and Online Business Academy consultant Ana Badhofer said. She moved online in her final year of business studies because of the pandemic, so she knows both sides. She recently spoke about her education and job in a webinar. The...

Education Grew Alongside Tech to Bring Online Studies to You
January 21, 2021

Education Grew Alongside Tech to Bring Online Studies to You

Online studies create opportunities for millions who otherwise wouldn’t have them. We know that education matters, as it opens paths to better jobs, better wages and a better life. Millions are missing out because they can’t afford to go to university. Millions of other, mature people miss out because...

Online Degrees
January 12, 2021

Are Online Studies and Degrees Any Good? Yes, they are.

The question appeared with the modern internet and online studies three decades ago. The unequivocal answer is “yes,” a degree from a certified institution is fine. Ever-tighter, increasingly standardized and transparent rules, national and international, assure that the diplomas are recognized. So, if you are considering online studies, make...


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