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Unique study journey through
EduWW Online Business Academy

Your study journey starts with your application and ends with you getting a diploma. Here at EduWW Online Business Academy, we do everything to make this a unique learning experience. Although you learn on your own, our team will be there to help you in every step along the way.


The first thing is choosing the right program for you. Check what Programs and qualifications we offer. Opt for the one that fits best with what knowledge you want to acquire and the direction in which you would like to take your career. Once you choose the program, fill in the Application form, and send us your application. If you get stuck at any point, our friendly advisors are on hand to help. You can send us an email at, or additionally, you can call us on +15614044557.


Within the 24 hours after your application, we will contact you to advise you on any other supporting documentation you might need to provide. Along the way, you can ask anything you want to know about our higher education. Once you provide us with required or additional documents, EduWW Online Business Academy Admissions Team will process your application to determine if you’re eligible for the course. You can also check your eligibility for the particular program in the description of that program.


Once we confirm your eligibility, you will receive an email with a confirmation of acceptance. The email will provide you with details about the next steps of enrollment. After we receive the first installment of your tuition fee, we will unlock your profile on the platform and provide you with credentials to access learning materials. You can start whenever you are ready. Although the platform is easy to navigate, someone from our Admissions Team can show you around – so to speak – and introduce you with our learning management system.


You will have 24/7 access to all learning materials. Since our online education is individual, we make sure that the entire learning process fits with your needs and obligations. You will have absolute freedom to learn whenever you want. The flexibility allows you to customize your studies the way it suits you the best, and therefore you can learn at your own pace.


Although you learn on your own, we still provide you with adequate academic mentorship. EduWW Online Business Academy gathered a board of renowned professors from European universities. If at any point in your studies, you have a doubt in which direction you should move regarding your education, we can schedule an online meeting with our Academic mentors. We are sure that their experience and expertise will provide you with the best guidance.


This is the final step of your education journey with us, but the best is yet to come in your career. Although at EduWW Online Business Academy you study online, you will still get the same diploma as you would if you have graduated at an on-campus university. The virtual nature of our education doesn’t allow on-site graduation events, a firm handshake and, in-person congratulations, but you should know that we are proud that you dared to know and learn. We are sure that excellent results in your line of work and new business goals that you will achieve thanks to the knowledge and skills that you got at our academy will be a reward for itself.