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Do you have Academical background? Are you an expert from business and management or it and computing? Do you have a passion for teaching others, and helping people achieve their ambitions. Apply for becoming an instructor at Education World Wide, Online Business Academy from a different perspective.

How To Become A Academic Instructor

Fill the form, send us an introduction about yourself, and what lead you to this decision, with a short motivation letter, and what you expect from this role.

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Becoming and Instructor for Online Business Academy, means that you will work with students, communicate through forums, and webinars, be informed about academic events, response in a good and polite manner on each of their questions, and enrich with your attitude Online Business Academy academic environment.

Online Business Academy Academic Instructor is a Level 6 professional, Bachelor degree academical educator, from the specific fields of study, thought by Online Business Academy. Instructor has the freedom to add, and develop additional materials and programs, but not to edit and distribute existing ones. Instructor cannot use any materials created for, and by Education World Wide, Online Business Academy. Instructor will lecture, assist, and instruct students through the assigned module, and be active in academic debates through interactive communication with students.

Academic Instructor, can begin with academic activities, from the moment of confirmed registration.