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Level 7 Master in Strategic Management

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Duration: 1 Year

Program pace: Self-pace

Credits: 120 credits

Language: English

Location: Fully Online

Tution Fee: 2.500 €

Equivalent to 4th Master year of University

Online Business Academy Master Level 7 in Strategic Management is equal to the 4th year of University. The program consists of 30 modules and carries 120 credits. This is a flexible program, and to enroll in it, you don’t need a previous Bachelor’s degree for students with 5+ years of Managerial position and 25+ years of age.

The Postgraduate Level 7 Master Qualification in Strategic Management is a 30-module course, with 40 guided learning hours per module. All modules have an additional 30-50 learning hours of additional materials. The Level 7 Diploma carries 120 credits. The program is entirely individual and self-paced, which means that students learn on their own.

After receiving your Postgraduate Level 7 Master Qualification, you are eligible for an MBA degree, or to execute a professional managerial role. The Level 7 qualifications in Strategic Management provide some of the underpinning knowledge and understanding contained in the new standards for the leadership and management sector.

This course will be most suited to individuals who are at Graduate of Level 6 or equivalent 3rd year at University and a minimum age of 22, or the minimum age of 24 years plus five years of managerial experience. On successful completion of the course, students will be able to enroll in our MBA program.

Entry Criteria

Entry profile:
  • A first degree in business, the management or related subject
  • A Level 6 qualification (for example a Level 6 in management)
  • Students who may also have relevant work experience
  • Learners who have other equivalent international qualifications
  • Students must also have an appropriate standard of English to enable them to access relevant resources and complete the unit assignments
  • Learners may also have relevant work experience
  • Mature learners may present a more varied profile of achievement that is likely to include
  • relevant work experience (paid and/or unpaid) with levels of responsibility, participation, and/or achievement of relevant professional qualifications.
  • This may be used for recognition of prior learning (RPL).

Career Path

Upon successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Management and the final year of an accredited postgraduate degree program, students will have the skills to execute a professional managerial role in marketing, accounting, business consultancy, and more. A business management Qualification and MBA develop key cognitive skills such as critical thinking, analysis, evaluation, and writing while also establishing presentation and numeracy skills to enhance knowledge and experience. These skills are critical in helping you advance your career.

These qualification provides:
  • opportunities for learners to acquire knowledge and understanding and develop a range of skills, personal qualities and attitudes essential for successful performance in working life
  • specialisms that are directly related to learners’ current responsibilities or that meet a particular interest and support career development
  • opportunities for learners who wish to undertake a full-time course of study
  • learners with the opportunity to acquire a broader range of knowledge and understanding and to develop the skills they require to work in the field of management.

The primary purpose of this qualification is to support progression to MBA learning. However, through Level 7, students acquire knowledge and understanding of management and develop the core skills required to work in a management role in any sector. If you are newly appointed to a first management position, the qualification will support you to develop in your role. If you are seeking a first management role, it will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to management that will enable you to apply for a management position with confidence. This qualification is designed to bring your career up to Top Management position, with core strategic management and leadership skills.

The Master Level 7 in Strategic Management Course has 30 modules and eight written assignments. Once you complete the modules, you’ll be able to proceed to assignments. The written assignments are approximately 3000-5000 words. The Assignment unit titles for the level 7 course are:
  1. Strategic Marketing
  2. Personal development for leadership and strategic management
  3. Organizational behavior
  4. Strategic planning
  5. Research for strategic development
  6. Finance for strategic managers
  7. Strategic Human resource management.
  8. Corporate communication strategies.

Assessment at Online Business Academy is a very straightforward process:
  • Once you complete an online module, you will have to complete an online assessment. This assessment contains 30 multiple-choice questions. You will have one hour to complete these questions, they are split into sets of five, so you will have plenty of time to review and edit your answers. After an hour, the test will automatically time out.
  • When you complete the test, you will get the results automatically. If you didn’t pass, you will receive a notification of a “refer” and will have to retake a module assessment. You can complete these modules at your own pace, as there is no deadline to complete the course.
  • After completing online modules, you can take the final written assignments that test your knowledge and understanding of the modules.

This qualification gives you broader knowledge, understanding, and skills relating to management across sectors, which will enable you to progress to further steps of education. The Level 7 qualification in Strategic Management provides some of the core knowledge and understanding of the Occupational Standards in Management, Administration, and Leadership. Take the Bachelor Level 7 program if you:
  • are relatively new to management or are seeking a first management role
  • have already either achieved Level 6 qualifications, completed training at this level in a related area to management or have prior relevant experience in the workplace
  • want to develop a comprehensive set of knowledge, understanding, and skills relating to the management
  • have sufficient time to achieve a qualification of 120 credits
  • want to top up your career to Top Management role

EduWW Online Business Academy offers high-quality UK programs at affordable tuition fees. The tuition fee differs depending on the study program. Additionally, we allow students to pay it in monthly installments.  Students are required to pay enrollment fees, as the first installment of tuition fees, in advance, and the rest will be divided into equal monthly payments. See the table below for more details.  We accept online payment and wire transfer. The tuition fee covers all our services. We will not impose any additional or hidden expenses on your behalf. 
Program Tuition Fee Enrollment fee  Monthly installments Monthly fee
Level 7 2,500.00 euros 700 euros 10  180 euros
Students are required to pay an enrollment fee of 700 € in advance, while the rest of the tuition fee 1,800.00€ can be paid in up to 10 installments, which is 180€ monthly.

The course is Accredited by the ATHE and approved and regulated by OFQUAL.
Qualification Title
ATHE Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management
Qualification Number
Qualification Status
Available to learners
Owner organization
Qualification Level
Level 7
European Qualification Framework Level
Level 7 You can find out more by clicking on the following Ofqual register link Ofqual Register

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Course Features

  • Lectures 212
  • Quizzes 0
  • Duration 12 Months, part time
  • Skill level RQF /EQF LVL 7
  • Language English
  • Students 0
  • Assessments Yes