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Apply to the EduWW Online Business Academy

Simple and Effective Application to Online Studies

  1. Click the ‘Application’ link in the top main menu, or the ‘Apply Directly’ button on your chosen course page or the ‘Proceed to Application’ button at the same page.
  2. Complete and submit the application form. If you get stuck at any point our friendly admissions advisors are on hand to help, you can call us on +15614044557 or email us at
  3. When we’ve received your application, we’ll send you a confirmation email to let you know. We’ll then be in touch, usually within 1 working day, to advise you on any other supporting documents you might need to provide and answer any questions you might have.
  4. The EduWW Online Business Academy Admissions Team will then process your application to determine if you’re eligible for the course.
  5. If you’re found to be eligible for your course, you’ll receive an offer of acceptance from us, detailing the next steps such as payment of your course fees and discussing your enrolment.

Apply & Register at the EduWW Online Business Academy

Apply to Online Studies and register for Online payments, become a member of the forum, receive news and events updates.
One process for the complete online experience

In order to enroll, follow up with vocational courses, and attend Online Business Academy events, you first need to create a profile at Online Business Academy website.

Simply click on Login, at the top right corner of the website, and select your social media network and everything else will be done automatically.


Select Register option and proceed with manual registration.

To apply to become a student at Education World Wide – Online Business Academy, you need to submit your application through the application form found in the Application section of the website.

You can also proceed through the online enrollment procedure.
1. Select the Course
2. Click Enroll Now
3. Complete Application form
4. Submit
5. Wait for the confirmation
(If you apply through this procedure, the eligibility check is done in a matter of hours)

After you submit your application form, our Academic Enrollment team will review your application, check your eligibility, and confirm your application status.

You are always welcome to chat with our support staff, and they will follow up with you on the process.

After you have received your application confirmation, you are now able to proceed with the enrollment process. (Always check your emails from Online Business Academy)
1. You will receive confirmation of eligibility for study at your desired qualification.

2. Then you can proceed with the tuition fee payment.

3. Finally, you will receive confirmation of successful enrollment.

As the final step, you will be able to login at Education World Wide, Online Business Academy, student portal.

All the academic details, along with your official enrollment confirmation letter, will be delivered through email confirming your student status.

Good Luck!