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Introduction to Internal Verification  

Internal verification is the process through which Education World Wide (EDUWW) ensures that all assignments are marked in a consistent manner and assessors receive feedback in order to further improve their assessment practice and judgments. EDUWW seeks to ensure that the requirements of the awarding body, ATHE, are met. EDUWW is committed to the effective internal verification of all courses provided and in particular that assessors make judgments on whether the learner demonstrates achievement of the LOs at the standards specified by the assessment criteria. Appropriate systems are in place with all tutors, markers, and internal verifiers receiving effective training and standardization to ensure there is consistency in standards. Assignments will initially be marked by an approved EDUWW marker and then a minimum of 10% of all assignments marked will be Internally Verified. In the case that a number of assignments submitted by a student is not divisible by 10, EDUWW will internally verify the closest amount to 10% as possible. For example, a student submits only one assignment so one assignment will be internally verified, or a student submits eight assignments in which case one will be internally verified. 

This process is important because: 

All markers/assessors working with Education World Wide will act as Internal Verifier as and when needed. All markers/assessors will have had feedback and their judgments will have been internally verified in order to ascertain they are marking at the correct level. When selecting a new marker/assessor EDUWW will ensure that any marking performed by the new marker/assessor will be internally verified at a higher rate of 25%, of all assignments marked, for a period of 1 month.  This will help to ensure that the judgments are valid and appropriate feedback is provided. All new colleges will be required to send EDUWW 25% of their assignments to be internally marked/assessed for the first month of assignment submission so that the level of marking can be verified and modified if needed. 

Assessment Procedure  

Markers will follow the ATHE marking guidance when completing the marking process. Students will receive a Pass/Merit/Distinction or Fail for the assignment, according to the marker’s judgment.

The marker will complete the Assignment Front Sheet and may annotate the student’s assignment if they wish. Feedback to candidates will be constructive and developmental and will be directly related to the basis for the assessment, namely the LOs and the associated AC. Feedback will not be generalized so the learner is unclear why he/she has succeeded or where there is room for improvement. However, the assessor Feedback will not disclose specific elements of the marking scheme. 

The marking process will be completed within 10 working days of the assignment being submitted. Internal Verification will proceed when a student has completed all assignments included on their course and will be completed within 10 working days of submission. 

The marking process will comply with the provisions outlined in the Appeals procedure and Malpractice policies of Education World Wide. 

All data provided by the Internal Verifier will be collected and held by Education World Wide, for future reference. 

Role of the Internal Verifier  

Internal Verification will be carried out by an appropriate member of staff, who will have the necessary experience and/or training in relation to the carrying out of moderation activities. This is an independent role as they cannot act as Marker and Internal Moderator. 

The internal Verifier will be responsible for: 

Quality Assurance Procedures for Internal Verification  

Quality Assurance Aspects of Internal Verification will principally involve the following: 

                          ATHE Internal Verification Form                             

Qualification Title                                         
Unit Title                                                          
Assignment Name (where appropriate)  Learner Name                Learner ID number       Date of   Assessment    
Name of Assessor      
Is the feedback to the learner linked to achievement of LOs and the assessment criteria?                       Yes/No  Provide evidence for your judgement  
Has the work been assessed to the correct standards as stated by the ACs? Is achievement of the LO secure?  Provide evidence for your judgement                                                                                                          Yes/No 
Is the feedback to the learner detailed so they understand what has been achieved and   the areas for improvement?                                                                                                                         Yes/No  Provide evidence for your judgement. 
Identify any actions required by the assessor which have resulted from the verification.  Provide dates for the actions to be completed and when the learner work needs to be returned to the  IV 
Confirmation of actions  completed             Assessor Name and Signature  
Date   Internal Verifier Name and Signature