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Is going for a Master’s in Business worth it? Yes, it is.

Master's in Business Administration

Are the benefits of a Master’s in Business Administration degree starkly self-evident? It requires a big investment, timewise and financially. At the same time, however, it seems that the majority of job ads ask for a Bachelor’s. Make no mistake: it is totally worth it.

The MBA does count, and a lot. It will put your job application on top of the stack even if the degree isn’t a requirement. It will open the doors to a significantly better wage. And it will propel you straight into a leadership position.

So, yes, it is worth the extra year or two of studying for the degree. And regarding the finances, we are willing to help you, on one condition only: that you enroll in our Bachelor’s program and complete it on time. Read on to find out more.

A Master’s degree certifies your leadership skills and opens doors

An MBA showcases your qualifications for the job of leading a team off the bat. It opens the doors to the jobs you want and insulates you better in times of an economic downturn. And as you work in a job, advancing to a higher position often requires a Master’s degree. Finally, if you intend to go for a PhD in the future, an MBA may be necessary.

A Master’s in Business diploma will bring you significantly better pay than a Bachelor’s. In the US, the wage gap across industries ranges from 20,000 to 80,000 dollars annually, the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows. In the EU, employees with a Master’s or higher rake in 24 percent more than with Bachelor’s. That is the average, according to Eurostat, while the gap in some countries grows to 53 percent.

Why is that? Because Master’s studies teach you to become a leader. You learn how to take in and process broader issues, then apply the solutions in day-to-day and strategic management. You will learn how to understand and implement projects and new technologies.

Your communication ability rises to a new level of confidence and authority.  You’ll find that your skillset will work across industries – every single business in the world needs to be managed. Some areas will require additional training and learning, or even studies, but the general business administration is the underlying foundation for virtually all.

Some Jobs For a Master’s in Business Administration

The Online Business Academy offers a Master’s in Business Administration. The study program, planned for one to two years, includes some specialization, with additional material available for further depth in fields of interest.

  • Market research analyst: Assessment of consumer preferences to help organizations decide how to shape, advertise, and market products and services.
  • Operations manager: Team management and oversight of top-level HR duties.
  • Operations research analyst: Top-level problem-solver, optimization, data mining, statistical analysis, and modeling.
  • Business operations manager, CEO: Executive leading company operations.
  • HR manager: The go-to for employee issues, including opening and designing jobs, recruiting, internal relations, performance, training, and development.
  • Marketing manager: Management of promotion and positioning of a company’s brand, products, and services.
  • Medical and health services manager: Keeps hospitals, nursing homes (a part5icularly fast-growing segment of the health sector in developed countries), practices, and other health-care facilities running.
  • Management analyst: Analyzes and improves the efficiency of a company’s, or any other organization.
  • Project manager: Plans, organizes, and leads specific projects for a company or any organization and is responsible for deadlines and within budget.
  • Own business: Improve the family business or launch your own and guide it through the minefield that you will learn how to navigate.

These are just some of the dozens and dozens of business administration management positions. There are hundreds of more specific tasks that require or at least value the skills of an MBA. The degree is a fine suffix on your calling card, but it stands for knowledge and ability honed through a top-level education. We’re are here to help you acquire it – seize the opportunity, secure a great future for yourself.

Study Hard and Claim a 9,000-euro MBA Scholarship

Let’s return to what we offer you. We’re offering to finance your MBA course if you enroll in Bachelor’s studies by January 31. Take a look at our BA program: three years for a degree from a prestigious British university. The Master’s studies are an in-depth continuation. As with all our programs, the studies are fully online, so you can go at your own pace and even hold a job along the way.

After you start, the only condition for the scholarship is the completion of Bachelor’s studies on time. Normally, the tuition for the Master’s course is 9,000 euros, but if you meet the deadline, we will foot the entire bill.

Consider this and check through your own research. Also, feel free to ask us anything, about the study program, certification, conditions, at We will answer as soon as possible.