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The Maze of Education Certificates – What do They Mean for You?

The Maze of Education Certificates – What do They Mean for You?

You can complete your online higher education from anywhere in the world, but how will your future employer know what your degree is worth? And how will some school you want to study after completing levels remotely know where you are ready to continue? That is what various international frameworks and certificates are there for – to standardize and evaluate online education programs. Our Online Business Academy uses an educational platform confirmed by several key institutions.

We fly the EQF, RQF, ATHE and OFQUAL banners. That means that already at a glance our learning platforms guarantee a certain skillset our graduates acquire with every level they complete. Great, but exactly do these acronyms mean?

The Certificates Serve You, Your Schools and Your Future Employer

The European Qualifications Network is a reference framework that allows students and their employers to understand how qualifications from different countries compare to each other. It was a crucial step to improve the mobility of the workforce within the European Union, but also wider. Not only that, however – it also works in education, helping students to move between schools and courses.

Put even more simply, it means that your Online Business Academy level is recognized. And it works both when you apply for a job or for further studies with a different school.

Our Online Business Academy and Education World Wide offer seven of the eight levels within the EQF. University education begins with Level 4. It is the equivalent of a completed first year, while Level 7 is on par with a Master’s Degree. So, where ever you are, a French employer or an Irish university will know what you know. But so will companies in Australia, United States or India.

It is similar with the Regulated Qualifications Framework, a clear, concise catalog effectively measuring qualifications. It operates within the United Kingdom’s OFQUAL and you can read about it on our blog. The RQF simplifies things. Basically, it measures the difficulty and the volume of material a student must master for a level and describes it in Total Qualification Time (TQT). In simple words once more, it is the estimated time required for the completion of a specific educational level.

Online Business Academy – Flexible During and After Education

Of course, studying online allows you to go at your own pace. If you have commitments swallowing up much of your time, you may take longer than the TQT standardized. But, once there, your qualification is as good as the one earned in a classroom. On the other hand, you may go faster than in brick and mortar universities.

The TQT just says that a certain educational level on some average takes a certain amount of time for a certain volume of knowledge. Your Levels mean, anywhere in the world, that you have put that much work into that much skill.

So, studying with us allows you not only the flexibility to move as fast as you comfortably can. It also allows you to take the level you earned out of your pocket and cash it in with employers and other learning institutions around the world.

If you have additional questions or require clarification, please feel free to contact us at Our education consultants will respond as soon as possible.