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Top-up: Affordable Online Bachelor and Master Degrees

Top-up: Affordable Online Bachelor and Master Degrees

Education Levels may be confusing in many parts of the world. On the other hand, most are familiar with classical degrees, Bachelor’s and Master’s. Two key things need to be understood. First, Level 5 is the same as Bachelor’s and Level 7 is the same as Master’s. Second, with Online Business Academy top-up education programs, you can acquire both. Well, there is a third thing – it is more affordable than going directly for the degree.

An Online Business Academy progresses through the curriculum and clears assessments, she or he acquires qualifications. Qualifications are quantified into Levels indicating the volume of knowledge required for each of them. It is just as with any education diploma.

Level 4 equals a completed first year at a university, Level 5 two years, while Level 6 is on par with a Bachelor’s degree and Level 7 with a Master’s, according to international education frameworks. For instance, here are the qualifications ranked by the UK government.

BA and MA With Just a Year in University

Though Levels 6 and 7 rank the same as Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, someone may want a degree from a specific university. That is now possible without three or four years of classical studies. We offer top-up education programs for Bachelor ‘s and Master’s degrees with a number of universities.  A student may opt for a Bachelor’s top-up after completing Level 5 and for a Master’s after Level 6.

Why then not go directly to a university? The Online Business Academy study program meets international educational frameworks criteria. That allows students to easily transfer to other educational institutions or apply for jobs. A top up is effectively a transfer for those who want a classical degree.

Big Price Tag Difference

However, studying for a Bachelor’s or Master’s at a classical university is generally expensive, even in the remote option. The fees at credible universities in general add up to a figure starting at around 15,000 euros, roughly 5,000 for each of the three years of studying. The Online Business academy, on the other hand, charges 2,500 euros for Levels 4 and 5. If paid at once, the total price is just 3,000 euros. A top-up with a university of choice from a list of our partners costs from 5,000 euros.

A graduate acquires an Online Business University RQF/EQF Level 6 Qualification Diploma in business and a full Bachelor BA. With a top-up, the full price is between 8-10,000 euros, depending on the payment model.

A top up for a full Bachelor’s in IT and Computing is also available. The fee for the entire program, Levels 4 and 5 with the Online Business Academy and a top-up with a university of choice is 12.500 euros, at a discount similar to that in business.

The Online Business Academy Master of Business Administration MBA top-up costs 9,000 euros. Again, completion brings the RQF/EQF Level 7 Qualification Diploma in Strategic Business Management and a full MBA Degree from the chosen university.

At that, the Online Business Academy executes the entire transfer procedure and the student entering a top-up program with any of the partner universities.

Now Again, With Fewer Words

So, to boil it down… If a student wants a classical degree, it is accessible through an Online Business Academy top-up. A student can complete two-thirds of the studies with us, at our rates, and then transfer to a university for a Bachelor’s program. Or, finish three-quarters and then top-up for a Master’s. Both of the options are considerably more affordable than taking them at a university. The transfer is easy, completed by us. In the end, the graduate will hold both a Level and a degree. The benefits of the top-up are easy to calculate by simple adding of numbers. We execute the entire transfer procedure to any of the universities we cooperate with.

If you have any questions about top-up options, the transfer procedure or anything else related to it, feel free to ask at and we will swiftly respond.